Friday, November 14, 2008

HOt hot hot!

It is broiling here as I write. The day has been spent out with the children in the pool. Well, theywere in the pool I was not game enough yet and sat on the side handquilting my Americana quilt(of course). Sore sore fingers but i am getting there.. I did buy thimbles but am having a lot of trouble manouvering them. i think i will buy some others and just try them all out. I think my stitches are better but the underneath of the quilt looks a million miles better than previous quilts where I "stabbed". While I was at the Quilt shop I was invited on Monday, Fridays and Thursday nights to join in with others who congregrate and quilt. Yum! The quilt shop I go to is out in the country and is owned by wife who runs it and the husband who runs the winery which is also there. Its so great out in the country , no need to take keys out of ignition etc. Just love it. Town quilting shops (not that there is one in hastings) dont have that same ambiance in my opinion. I am looking forward to meeting and chatting with other quilters all the time while quilting myself, browsing through patterns and fabrics and having the odd coffee and cake..bliss! The quilt shop is here.
The photo above is my latest effort in bringing Christmas to the outside this year. I love the idea of outside Christmas decorations but other than the front door I havent really gone forward with this, of course we have had lights up outside before. So I sat down and tied plaids around this old wreath of mine and it is on the back gate. I have things out the front too but as it is not finished I will post pics when i have completed the look. I wish I could find my rusty bells I bought at a closing down sale for that wreath but ALAS! I cant find them, they will be under the boxes and crates of material and notions that weighs a ton and I cant bear lifting it all and destroying what is quite an orderly (but heavy tower to locate it!)
I am soaking some fruit mince overnight in brandy and orange juice ready for a Christmas cake tomorrow. It is an easy recipe and one that I have not tried before and it will be interesting to see how it turns out. YES! My Christmas spirit is arriving at last!
Your Cherrily

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