Friday, November 28, 2008

oh christmas tree...

Its that time of the year. The tradition that we started six years ago ..choosing our Christmas tree. We always take video camera and camera and head off on what has always been a stinkin" hot day, and today was no exception! I tried to get some good photos of the girls and the tree but failed miserably. Oh well. Here they are getting their annual christmas tree lollipop.
Ive been really feeling the excess of the season this year and have been browsing through many frugal type blogs. I find these really inspiring for the pocket and just sum up for me how I want to simplify my life. Ive been putting things on trade me in an effort to pare down stuff. Also this year I dont want to give stuff to those I love for the hell of giving a present. Even if I do have to exceed some sort of budget buying stuff that is just put away or ends up in the landfill is a waste of my money, my time and a burdon on the environment. I just know that that will happen to me though. This year as always we will give to some charity. I LOVE this side of Christmas and its just choosing which gifting to give to. One year we gave a care box full of canned food and a few small presents. There are drop off branches at libraries etc. And the girls really love this. Plus we can give my own preserves etc. I also like the idea of the buy a goat etc scheme through Oxfam.
Knowing that the Tree choosing day was fast approaching Ive been thinking of CHristmases past especially those when I was a child. SO special. Not so much glitz or glammer, but lots of people, lots of food, goodwill and sun and games outside in the afternoon for the children. I think tradition like those I had as children are so important because when You grow up and face hard times or lonely times away from family travelling or whatever, those memories just sustain you. Well thats what i found anyway. Now that my Dad has passed and favourite Uncles etc gone I get quite sad and tearful but in a happy nostalgic kind of way if that makes sense during Christmas. I also love making Christmas ornaments from natural elements at Christmas. Im sure that i get this from Mum! She was always collecting pinecones, twigs, shribbery etc and spraying them or doing things with them. I find it quite sad that she has lost that enthusiasm for Christmas now although she does enjoy the gift giving.
I have been busy scrapbooking again. Well I say busy but I only did two pages from Alex ballet recital. Ill have to post some pics. Cost me TOOO much in embellishments but... (ive no excuses)I want to do some more now and Ive certainly got enough photos to work from. SOmetimes I just get taken over by the urge to scrap!
Have a great day