Monday, November 24, 2008

Too Hot

As the title suggests it is too hot. I mean it is impossibly hot!! So whats a mum to do but invite the girls best friends around for a swim(only til 4.30 then its swimming lessons down at the pool for Alex). Four girls. Ages 6, 8, 8 and 8. A LOT of noise. Why do girls shout? They shout at each other

even when they are only a couple of feet from each other. :)

I almost died from heat exhaustion from my walk today , I wonder if it is worth it when i am too drained to do anything else all day? Seriously I was so tired with a weariness that wouldnt go away that all I thought I could do was sew. But even that was too much. Summer! Gotta love it! At least tomorrow the school starts swimming, so the kids will love that.Here is our new school web site. My kids are third generation there by the way.

I found a bundle of year old American mags in a going cheap basket at the quilters a while ago. Every one of them was full of at least one future project for me. The one above is the one Ive ear marked for my reproduction fabrics quilt. Ill just have to keep growing my windham stash and find some pinks similar to the above. Im looking forward to seeing it come together in 2009!!

Sunny skies from Cherry

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QuiltedSimple said...

I love that quilt in the mag. That will be pretty. Looks like the girls had fun though. And Jessie and her friends scream non-stop. Don't know why but.....ear piercing volume.....ugh. Have a good week!