Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This rather blurry and awful photo is infact a closeup of myhandquilting. To those of you that didnt realise I am a s

tab stitcher but with this quilt and my subsequent others i am determied to handquilt ! When I was at the Quilt Show and was wtching keenly as a quilter was handquilting the raffle prize, her advice was to "perserve" So i am. I couldnt tell you how many stitches there are to the inch (maybe two!!!) But underneath the bottom looks lovely! I stayed up quilting this while watching Breaking Bad a black hunour tragic tale, then the Daily SHow from America which always has me in fits of laughter.

NOw on a much more sombre note. I have been following the blog here of wee Kyah who will be three at the end of this month. SHe was diagnosed from the age of 18 months with a virulent neuroblastoma cancer and the journal has been following her progress, the dreams of success from the parents and finally tragically the return of the cancer and the last few months, weeks, days and now it seems hours of her life. It is one blog I read with a certain amount of trepidation wondering what will be the update each day. Yesterday there was a comment to say that her Mum and Dad will be with her permanantly as the life is leaving her for its next journey, so the next post will be then one that I have dreaded. I cant tell you the sadness I feel when I read this blog even though I know Kyah is on her way to a place we cant even imagine the joy of, but as humans you can not help but be extremely moved.

Love from Cherry


Leanne said...

Kyha's journey is just soo sad. I just can't imagine what the family is all going through.

Life sucks at times!

Good on your re hand quilting!!!

Love Leanne

Karen said...

I had trouble when I first was learning to hand quilt. I just couldn't get the hang of it. Then I discovered that loosening the tension on the quilt in the hoop allowed some give and I was able to make much smaller stitches (and neater looking).