Sunday, November 2, 2008

Christmas decorations

I know its early but November is the month I l;ike to decorate the house and garden with Christmas cheer. Yes thats right, as the sun scorches pale skin and dries out flower beds, as the strawberries ripen and long days in the cool pool are spent, I put up images of snowmen and winter jacketed St Nics!

So with November upon us we pulled out these decorations and I thought I woul dlike a over the top super inviting Christmasy front entrance. My husband is least impressed he loves Christmas (written with sarcasm..) but as I really had dreams of what the front porch would look like of the cottage I dreamed I would be in by Christmas have all but evaporated he knew better than to comment and left me to decorate unhindered. I can not find a few boxes of ornament s and mostly they are filled with homemade decorations, so I am a bit perplexed. We have had a lot of stuff put into our shed thruout the year and so im hoping they are under something, behind something? Ill have to investigate further. Id hate to have lost all the homemade things I always make in the month leading up to Christmas when for some reason crafting becomes more obssessive than usual (and usually its pretty obssessive..)
My daughters ate the first strawberries from our garden the other day, its sooooo exciting seeing all the delicious produce growing up around here. hawkes bay is known as the fruit bowl of Nz and there is no end of gorgeous tree grown treats come summer til Autumn. I just love to preserve and am eagerly awaiting the berries so I can freeze/jam/dry them. The its nectarines, peaches, pears, apples.. not to mention free blackberries from the roadside, tomatoes (very cheap once they get going to buy make sauces, pasta sauces, dry etc. Now just to get some land and do much of the above for ourselves...hmmm.
Take care and have a christmasy day where every you are,
Love Cherry

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QuiltedSimple said...

Your decorations looks great. I always take the week off after Thanksgiving and get all the decorating, baking and shopping done then. But I'm ready to start! Looks like you are having some great weather!