Monday, January 3, 2011

This is how we do it in NZ

I know that quite a few of the blogs I read are in America and the UK and I see all the snow and all the frozen lands there..but this is how we spend Christmas and the New year in NZ.!!
As I write it is midnight the only time to do anything other than swim is at is too hot. I am sunburnt on the back of my legs...silly me. The girls and th GHIU are all a nice brown colour!
Tonight we went to the river and the GHIU set up a fire where we cooked susuages and roasted marshmallows. The girls swam around and as the sun went down the little trout began to jump. it was great!

I am busy trying to finish patching my Flyaby quilt, my machine is now upstairs where I usually hand sew. This is to give me more time to actually finish off these UFOs this year.  We'll see.
It is late so nighty night
Love Cherry

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Kristie said...

Wow! That looks so nice to be able to play in the water!! Everything here is FROZEN!