Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pulling myself up again...

The infamous quilt
Yesterday was a great day until just a couple of really nasty people managed to destroy that. Im talking real low lifes. Worse..they bought out the worst in me . I momentarily stepped out of myself and saw the screaming banshee i had become in that moment..not pretty! Talk about feel appalling. I wont go into any details except to say that i was seriously wronged and it really challenged my belief in the human race. But only temporarily. Because I came home to hugs and kisses from my gorgeous girls and support from the GHIU.  After a while i dragged my knuckles off the ground and made some stewed plums wed been given. Felt better..
Then I sewed..the one therapy foolproof for my soul . Later that night I was actually able to watch "Sons" sew and have a laugh with the gorgeous hubby in Uniform. I still today feel headachy and depressed though, I guess some things take longer to get over than others.

Stocking advent from

When life hands you lemons.....
Far above you can see the finished swastika, Gestapo, Flyboy scrap quilt. I hadnt really wanted to finish it when I saw the shape it was taking..when The GHIU pointed out that I was infact stitching swastikas. I couldnt believe I hadnt seen it... But recently I pulled it out again and looked up on the internet and infact the block was used long before nazis took it up, and it was a sign of good luck. As someone pointed out 12 years of use by one evil lot of entities shouldnt consign it to the hated bin..but its hard to go past the fact that what it stood by in WW2 will shape it forever.  About half the people I show it todont actually see the swastikas in this quilt by the way.
Im now looking forward to finishing my gorgeous stocking advent and also trying my hand at copying some gorgeous felt decorations i saw in a magazine and then I will continue on with my pink quilt, which will replace the blue one I won from Wallace cottons a few years back. It has never sat comfortably with me since I saw the program on tv documenting what goes on in the sewing work houses in India. Wallace Cotton has the most beautiful quilts made there and ive never known what sort of ethical conditions lie behind their works. I hope it was made ethically. I alwyas support any organisation that supports there local community overseas in inpoverished conditions.
On that note we had great fun choosing our Christmas gifts for Oxfam this year. We ended up donating, school books and pencils and chooks and feed.  This was by far the best thing weve donw in years. In the past i had great joy knitting for orphans in Romania, sending new books and pencils to Africa . But this is something that the kids decided on and became part of.
Have a great day
Love Cherry

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