Sunday, January 30, 2011

These things make me a happy girl....

Over Christmas I went on a manic scrapping adventure. I scrapped heaps of past Christmases and made it all into an exclusive album. I COULDNT WAIT for Christmas photos to be dveloped so i could scrap them. I bought heaps of gorgeous Christmas papers and stickers and embellishments. Ans then it happened. I LOST mr scrapping MoJo!!! So when this course came up to do a big canvas that I had signed up and paid a deposit on came up i wouldnt have bothered going..escept Id already paid $30.00 towards it. But during the course of the morning the strangest thing came to me..inspiration!! I knew it would. Good old scrapping classes. below is the finished project. It makes me very happy and now lives on the wall in the living room. i was especially glad to put up some new photos as I seem to only have baby photos up.

 And preserving has been so much more fun now i pretty them up with farics and string.. And I cleared a lovely spot where I had the old microwave to store them.
I started back at my School today and the girls start at theirs tomorrow. The holidays ARE over after all
 - sigh-

Happy Schooldays
Love Cherryx

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sadie said...

hello there Cherry (not Menlove!) thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for the very sweet comment.

I love that you do your own pickling and preserving.Something I'll do one day, when I'm brave enough.

Love your CM inspired calendar, it turned out beautifully.

Have a lovely weekend. Hope you are keeping safe with all the crazy weather going on nearby .

sadie x