Thursday, January 13, 2011

Onwards go I crafting

I have been busy the last few days making up cute little stockings that will hang across the fireplace at Xmas with lollies and canes etc inside. These little advent stockings have yet to be paired up with the wool that will suspend them but I have laid them out to give a brief look at how they should somewhat look. Remember to check out to see the original. I tried to keep as much to Cherrys as close as possible as I just wanted to covet hers the moment they appeared in the Home and Antiques magazine (Britain)

Arnt they cute?!

Then absolutely itching for yet more Christmas crafts I pulled together this felt ornament from a photo in another magazine. So much fun to make up. Id like to make another for each of my girls. They have their own colllections of decorations that I have bought, made or they have chosen for themselves. Earlier I  tried to buy things that represented them, like their years in ballet..each year Id find little ballerinas in whatever their Christmas production colours would be that year. This year I managed to find a owl for Owl mad georgia and a reinder for Alex plus I made them a felt owl each as well.

The big (small) news is that against all the best commom sense in the world the girls took ownership of two pet baby mice the other day. The babies are not anywhere as tame as we were led to believe infact they are very frisky, shy, down right wild as field mice!!! This is generally a big worry as the girls try to catch them and the odd time succeed to hold a very Houdini type creature. The girls want so desparately to hold them, its no good telling them to take their time....So two wild mice, two over excited girls, three cats and one dog. What could possibly go worng??   Already the cats have been enjoying the new cat television..
The GHIU reluctantly came on board with this whole idea..I think he was out numbered and he knew it. Poor man in a girls house!!

Have a happy night and enjoy your pets!

Love Cherry

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Cherry Menlove said...

Love your felt stockings, they look great!
C x