Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Tax Man cometh....

It all began about two weeks ago..I received a tax form dating back to 2005 when i was on the Kindergarten board. I had only gone to one meeting for which I received about $70.00 before I resigned. I was told at the time that I could claim back the tax on this, but as I resigned after only one meeting and as a mum at home not working I never received tax forms ever. usually I would recieve my tax letter back saying I was owed thirty cenets or some such. So tax was never a big deal. In 2005 we started receiving tax credits under the working for families scheme. Anyway two weeks or so ago I received this form and it basically said that I would be owed a tax credit for that withholding tax of the kindy thing blady blady blah, and so i ticked the boxes and signed away and never gave it another thought..until today....SO apparently because I never filed a tax return in 2005 They never did my tax refund/pay back. Now they have ...and they found that they had over paid me by 400 odd dollars which i owed..they also discovered that because of this they had worked out that for that same year GHIU now owed 400 odd. NOW here is the zinger, they have also charged interest for all those years we didnt know we owed (and neither did they becasue theyve only just worked this out) that between us we owe another $1000 in interest. try explaining my side of the story to the tax man...I dare you... I just ended up teary eyed saying things like "I dont understand' over and over.. Then the ghiu had his turn and he boldly took the phone and spoke what he saw as grossly unfair with a look of confidence in his eyes before he too eventually just lost the will to live and gave up.. Anyway long and short is that they are putting us on to the SPecial unit (!) to see if they can do something about the interest. If they cant Im going to see our local MP!!! So all in all not the most positive of days and we feel as if we should just dig a great hole and jump into it-
So what to do when you are financially depressed ?              A)Cheer oneself up by making a union jack cushion from your scraps . Tutorial here
 B) Send the children out to see spare eggs and spare garlic..
Put a number of handmade quilts at cheap prices on Trade Me  and
read positive and inspiring messages from such frugal and good sites such as here
and here
And not to forget this most favourite of cheerful and lovely sites here.
And Pray.Lots.And dont think to hard about other soon to be whopping bills to pay. Because. It. All. will. sort. itself. out.
Wishing you all a happy night

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