Monday, January 10, 2011

Lack of inspirational MOJO

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 Where Oh where is my energy? Yesterday i was full of inspiration and decorating joy. Keen to sew and to clean and to organise. The vacuum came out and most of the dirty washing...but today..nothing. Im also really lethargic. So to compensate Im looking through this website of Cherry Menlove. I discovered when i got a magazine..the Christmas edition of Homes and Antiques from the library. I actually almost didnt get it because i had a huge fine from when i lost and then found some books and was feeling very mean and penny pinching..thanks goodness i decided to spend the $2.10 for this new magazine loan, because in it was Cherry menloves house all decorated up for Christmas. I was absolutley inspired and it was pure eye candy for my house of my dreams heart!! I went to her website to see if i could get a closer picture of her handmade advent calender and there amongst other gorgeous tutorials was a whole tutorial. I could have cried!!! So today in amongst the lethary i rode into town with my girls and we stopped off at Spotlight to uy the pink, blue and white felt required.  The lady asked what i was doing with the felt aqnd when i told her she burst out laughing and the other shop assistants all had a gawp at me. it is nothing new for me to continue with the Christmas theme until sometime in march and I usually keep Christmas crafting until Christmas is just a wee memory. She thought I was very organised...I said that this will be my third advent. The first one was a cross stitch number, the second my Kaisercraft scrapbooked one and now this. It is so gorgeous..See for yourself at her site under My Crafts.
I actually was given a quilted heart kit to make a Christmas wreath that is finished off with beads and gold cord, and I made it but didnt think to take a photo of it...Oh well youll just have to wait until next Christmas!
I have my delicious bacon and egg pie in the oven. I got the recipe from GrassRoots and it has masses of eggs bacon and cheese, surrounded by a puff pastry..even the girls like it! Thanks goodness I had this up my sleeve my energy levels are such that KFC might have been the deal (although my budget does not like tthis does my chicken loving heart, something that i struggle with everytime I take a drive through the colonels takeaway.

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