Saturday, January 15, 2011


Mr Jingles AKA squeak and Stuart Little AKA Steve..

Once the ghiu caught these rather overexcited pair we realised that they actually wont take off and prefer to stay close by. Since this photo They have become really tame and Squeak especially has mastered a little trick for our Cirque due Mousee show. They are so cute and apart from sonstantly having to drag The Ginga away as he tapped and played with the cage all night really havent been any trouble. The do pong though and are very unforgiving with potty time when I seem to handle them. Bless.
I finished my pink quilt for our bed this winter tonight. I will buy some of the same type backing to border the quilt so that it becomes reversible also I dont think the width is really there right at the moment. It makes a huge difference having the sewing machine upstairs with me. Where once I could only hand sew upstairs now I can be social and sew up a storm. Im not sure how to quilt this one i was thinking some sort of circle way... Might have to seek some professional advice on this one.
have a good night. The GHIU is off for two weeks after tomorrow..Hurray, days at the beach and at Splash planet and at Ocean Spa I think!!!

Happy holidays
Love Cherry

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