Friday, January 29, 2010

I am a strawberry!!

Thats what the GHIU said to me this morning! Yesterday as planned we went to Splash Planet in Hastings. The day was half overcast and half sunny and I spent the day watching lots of people going a red colour and thinking how stupid of them...while all along i in my tee shirt top wass  eing saved. Also we were in and out of slides and indoor pools etc. But when we came home the top of my head was so sunburnt and my face was so red. I hoped that the redness might be a it residual and might go overnight, ut this morning it was still there and my skin is so sore. Add to that my lips are swollen and look likde trout lips that celebreties get after plastic surgery. Then I discovered   (Advice dont read if skeemish) scabs,  yes thats correct on my scalp. im hoping that they are there after brushing my hair delicately last night, ut maybe grazing the sore surface or something. It asolutely appalls me that I can be so dumb!!  So i took it easy today, kept out of the sun and heavy rainfall wearning are forecast for tomorrow.
I shredded all the poopy straw from the coop on my garden and now need it to rain. I LOVE chicken poop...its the most exciting fertiliser. I know..Im strange!
Happy sunbathing to you all


Jen said...

It was a funny day weather wise yesterday wasnt it. Beautiful when it wasnt raining :)

sori you got sunburnt
hope it all gets better real soon
dont beat yourself up too much
I have found that even when applying sun tan lotion I still get burnt it just doesnt hurt to much
and I suppose what one needs to learn from your experience is to wear a hat.
I so should do that - but I dont

happy chicken keeping :)


Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

My friend said to me last night that the problem with chickens is the poop. Which kind of concerned me, but I guess as long as they have a certain section of the garden and you pick up, it shouldn't be so bad right?