Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chook fever!

Everyone is crazy about the chooks. They are never without an audience and special seating has "arrived" around their pen for the crowd to congregate on!
The top photo is my view from my bedroom as aI type away here,. pretty good huh!
They are scratching around, eating lots of weeds, grass and some scraps as well as their wheat and pellets. It is wonderful to see this knowing that only two days ago they were in tiny battery cages, not knowing anything natural. Sparrows have been funny to watch as they fly around after the chhoks feed and at first the chooks would duck for cover as they flew overhead! Then it rained and one just sat outside obviously unaware of rain and what to do! we helped her inside-poor drenched looking thing!
We have got one more chook. She belongs to GHIU and he named her Christmas...as in thats what meal shell be supporting if she doesnt perform.But we have had six eggs since their arrival . It is thrilling to find the eggs..like Christmas presents!  I know that the novelty will go aaway buts its pretty neat right now.
With lots of chooky love


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Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

When I saw this, for a moment I thought the chooks were going swimming or enjoying the slide! lol