Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chooks..yes! Again..

Its all about the chooks lately. This afternoon after lunch we all got in the jeep and spent the rest of the afternoon at Waimarama beach. it was glorious. the girls used their boogie boards to surf the waves , sam the dog swum out deep with the GHIU. I even got in swam around a bit and got a sunurnt head and arms..But it was just the best afternoon.
Then we came hoem and spent a few hours watching the chooks, watching the cat watching the chooks, stalking the chooks and then attacking the chooks! The chooks thought fought back and sent the ruthless Gingy on his way!!
As if that wasnt entertainment enough GHIU and Old macdonald herself(Alex) dug up worms and slugs and feed them to the chooks who jumped up and became quite obssessed with them. Today we had three eggs, spread throughout the day. So someone wasnt pulling their weight!! Actually we are surprised ecause we had een led to belioeve that after a new home they could go quiet at first. Maybe we are lucky!

I spent some Money today. I actually bought on line Living the good life by lionda Cockurn. I have SO wanted to read this book both napier and hastings libraries didnt have it. I found it on a NZ site the credit card was unfortunately just there staring me in the face, and , well... Still Im sooo looking forward to its deliverance.
The next photos are of Gingy in the chook enclosure and the worm fest.
happy Chooking
love Cherry

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Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

oooh I hope my kitty likes chooks!