Sunday, January 24, 2010

the farm comes to Flaxmere!!

Introducing....Shelley Henderson

Henrietta and helen Clark henderson.

Well great excitement this morning at the "good life farm" Our three chooks arrived. Thick as two planks they might be but they already have shown their different personalities. Georgias henrietta is very quiet, placid to a fault infact, Alexs Shelley is quiet but prefers to roll around scratcing at pretend dust bathes, and my one..well she is fiesty and nasty and quiet the fiend..hence her name (its ovious i was never a fan of Aunty helen!)  Shes already tried to fly out at me and annoys the others y stamping over them and stepping in their water. As they are quite busy we thought wed let them out tonight of their enclosure for an hour or so. A man went into a big shed and got them for us and now i wonder wether this was in fact a big factory arn as they are not behaving as I have seen battery cage hens behave. The girls are beside themselves with excitement and Ginga has made several attempts to get into the cage and when he did get in he played with Henrietas tail feathers!

This is where the eggs will be tomorrow (hopefully) currently you will find only a golf ball there!

Other news is the girls had their prizegiving ceremonies for their lirary awards. And, crikey the mayor was giving them out!! Mayors in new Zealand dont often have are feet ut the prizegiving was in a marae..

Im a bit dissappointed with my redone door. To compensate i made this wreath and then inspired y a country craft magazine crafted this heart to go with it.

Happy crafting and chook keeping to you all

Love Cherry


Lisa said...

Hi Cherry, I pop in and read your blog and I enjoy your posts... just wanted to give you some encouragment.... I have put you in the draw for this gorgeous book!! Big hugs Lisa

Jen said...

Ive thought about getting some hens for a while
your girls sure do look pleased

hope you get lots of eggs

well done to yur girls on completing the library program

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

I'm hoping to have chooks by the years end! Yours are adoreable!