Monday, January 4, 2010


Today was a baking day. I have had blueberries, raspberries and boysenberries in the freezer since 2008!!  I thought i should at last use them!! These muffins taken from a recipe from the Simple savings website is divine. It uses custard powder and has the best taste. These muffins were wolfed down by all but Georgia who has an inexpicable dislike for berries! Now I only have blackberries collected wild in the freezer ut the GHIU isnt so keen on using those in this recipe!  I do have to use up a fair few litres of them though!
So then I thought I should bake some ANZAC biscuits but didnt have any bake paper. using my old Aunties tip I was able to use up some of the stock take of butter paper in my freezer. A great frugal tip this one!!

The other thing that i have got since Mum went into the rest home is her very old Tala. It is the greatest measuring tool and has measures inside very just about every cooking ingrediant as well as old measures  such as pounds, oz and name a few. I know that you can buy these new nowadays as it is an old thing that has come back but I grew up with this model and knowing how frugal my Mum was I imagine she had this one from the very eginning of her marriage (which makes it abouit fifty odd years old)

The weather is still hot..just beautiful really. i am tying down the strawberry runners in the garden to make more plants for next season. Other than that everything esle is in a state of still growing (tomatoes ) strongly or growing but not very convincingly (water melons, rock melons and capiscums) Oh well you win, you lose. Its always a process in learning.
When the GHIU came home we packed the girls and the dog into the four wheeler and headed off down to the river. The girls loved swimming downstream, up stream (against the strong current) and hanging off the dog (lucky him..)
We are slowly planning our few days camping probably at mahia as the sea is gorgeous there but MOKO is not there this year (See this blog this time last year to learn aout the wonderful Moko). He is in Tolaga Bay now and has had to be highly protected after the pulic got a bit carried away and some loons weent after him  :\
Im off now to do some calming quilting Im patching together a quilt designed upon Cheri Saffiotes two ghour quilting projects book. Id like to get it finished actually but as it has lots of applique and stitching it willtake a while. Im going to finish it before I start anything wlse though, although it wont be quilted immediately..Ill just add it to the pile!!
happy quilting
Love Cherry


Kimmie said...

Hi Cherry;

Ohhhh those muffins look good. I don't have much luck with muffins, perhaps it is because I don't measure carefully??

I love the tala, I've never seen one before. So sweet that it was your mum's and now you get to enjoy it!

Off to read through your blog.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted
*expecting again from Ethiopia

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

That muffin sure looks loovely!