Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas scrappin'

One of my main objectives this holidays is to work on my scrapping and I did hope that A: I would have spare money to do that and
B: The scrapbooking things would all be on sale..sadly neither of those things happened. However I have collected enough supplies to get started on my stash of photos and as Christmas was the most recent I have started with those and redone a botched old one (above). Im working on a mini alum that is very individual.i love the things that other people do but Im not sure if mine will look that rilliant. i have to remember that the photos are froma recent trip away and a bit hit and misss so not the best quality anyway!
I love to scrap but tire of it quite quickly and need a bit of  substancal break, whereas I can sew and sew for hours days on end (Guess who just downloaded the latest blogger features with strikethrough feature!!!)
 Im so full of excitement for the new year. GHIU and i are scouting for some land to uy and put a old removable house upon. It is scary but at the same time it feels the right thing to do and I can not think of much else. Even Christmas which generally keeps me excited for a while afterwards has paled into significance and all im thinking of is the land in 2010!!  Its a majoy birthday for GHIu who I wont reveal except to say that he was born in a 0 year and he looks at least ten years younger than his actual age. (Im looking for an aging portrait hidden away somewhere!)  Anyway I feel like all the stars are aligning i just need to take a deep breath and dive in!!! Let us know if you are in the hawkesd Bay and know of such affordable cheap land available to future Tom and barbara Good landowners!

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