Monday, February 1, 2010

Egg news

This is the second time that all of our chooks have laid an egg for us. They are very late layers and will lay into the mid afternoon. The thing is there eggs are unpredictable and I think they are getting smaller!!! the little things today were smaller than yesterday (which werent big) and  were the size of silkies eggs. We are giving them lots of feed, lots of greenery, porridge when it rained. lots of cold fresh water, snails, worms ,love (old miss macdonald especially)
I guess they will come into there own in time....I was just interuppted in my typing by Alex who had lifted Christmas up and was carrying her around the pool. Suddenly Sam the lab (who in all truth would just love five minutes alone with the poultry), lunged and barked incredibly loud at them both ..and Christmas flew into the pool. If the occassion wasnt so urgent i would have taken a photo but I was rushing out with the net! Christmas just floated around like a duck!! It was very funny. I grabbed her with the net whereupon she gallopped off to her pen and I had to dig her out (reluctantly) to join the others in the swimming pool,area. (Now I KNOW I cant  leave them alone there)!! yes its all happening here at tom and barbara Goods block!
maybe Christmas at least will pop out an egg tomorrow!!
Happy chook keeping
Love Cherry

Have just read Living the good life y linda Cockburn...I absoulutely recommend it to everyone who has an interest in  sustainable living!


Leanne said...

I loved reading about your chickens, laughed & laughed. Shared the post with Brent & he enjoyed it too.
So thrilled for you!

Love Leanne

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

I too love reading about the chooks! Thanks for the book recommendation!

Lisa said...

I laughed to when I read about your chooks.. The Good Life sounds like a GOOD LIFE!! Truly blessful in fact... Big hugs to you and re: the comment you just left on my sound alot like me.. scrapbooking one minute, quilting the next, then the doll thing comes along... Take care Lisa