Sunday, February 21, 2010

It has started......

Here they are and here I go..the beginning of the preserving peaches season. These are very early Golden Queens. I had forgotten (since last year) how hot it gets in our kitchen, in summer, while preserving!!!
And since it is so hot in the kitchen I have decided to try to dry my Romas the old fashioned way (also some moments in the oven after I have used it ) and maybe finished off in the dehydrator.
And what else is on the window sill..Ah yes my ever growing pile of egg shells drying away and then to be crushed and fed back to the chooks or as a snail inhiitor around my plants or fed into the soil as a sweetener.
What you cant see to the far left in my laundry is the huge pile of washing/ It is enormous and the worse thing is despite this mountain there are heaps of other piles under beds etc.
Perhaps i should go to that pile now..

Wishing you happy laundry wishes

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free indeed said...

THose peaches look delish! It's too cold to grow preach trees here, but I too do canning. It is winding down some, now that the six kids are all gone; but you know they all come back and haul off canned goods to their homes....gotta gift one of them with the canner and haul THEIR canned goods home...time to retire! hehe. No, I enjoy it, but I do not like the hot kitchen!