Monday, February 22, 2010

crafty cherry crafts..enough about the chooks for now!


Sisters Choice blocks for two Christmas presents...lap quilt sizes both of them..probably

Camp is coming up and i made the girls two bags for their cutlery then got creative and made a mickey take moke up of their school emblem. Georgia gets to use hers in tweo weeks but Alex will have to wait til next year to go to Camp.

Finally started a school house quilt. I bought the few fat quarters i have with the remainder of my gift $8.00 extra. Shhhh dont tell the Gorgeous Husband in uniform!! (GHIU)

I have my civil war reproduction quilt up. Id like to interchange this wall seasonally. Next will be the school house quilt ..I hope... Just one of the many unfinshed projects ive started this year (and its only Feb)

Isnt this gorgeous. This is my Nana and Granddad. It is the middle of the depression and the year is 1930. Nine months later my Mum arrived and just efore that happened the devastating 1931 earthquake happened  and heavily pregnant nana had to live in the shed while the devastation was pieced back together. My grandad died at 40 odd from our families hereditary Zolingers Syndrome cancer. He left nan the farm and six remaining child. One poor soul died of sickness a few years before. i so admire my nan what a simple ut terribly hard time to live in.  I adore this photo and had no knowledge of its exsistence until we went through Mums things recently. It needs glass but has a lovely old frame and I do love the weathering that has added such character.

Yours in craft
Crafty cherry


Leanne said...

LOVE the school house blocks - I have wanted to do these for ages. I have Marti Mitchells tools for it just not done it.
And I am trying to be sooo good at finishing things this year... ye right.

Loved your blog photos today. You need to blog more.
Love Leanne

solomi558 said...

Thanks for visisting , love your story and photograph , keep in touch ---cottonreel

Kimmie said...

my you are just and endless amount of creativity these days! Wow!

mama to 8
one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

性份 said...

來幫推 你個blog影d相真係好靚,係我至愛~ ........................................

Ngaire said...

Love the scrap booking Cherie. Georgia was so adorable (and still is)and those photos make me think of back then. Seems so long ago

Ngaire said...

You still look like you're very busy with the craft stuff, hope all is well with you all