Sunday, December 7, 2008

tree ornies and a finish!!!

Well, I had planned to post a pic of my finished quilt. But this post somehow just blasted it away!! Ill post it next. Gosh these blog posts can be soooo infuriating when they just dont want to co operate, and today ive had heaps of problems.

So instead Ill post some pics of our tree ornaments: The first is Alexxs for this year. I buy them one that symblises something special to them. This year it is a ballerina dressed in the same colours she wore at the recital. She also got some ballet shoes in that colour attached to the bouquet and they are on there as well.

This is just a gorgeous felted angel and baby that I have decided are Mary and jesus. I bought this from a temporary craft fair that opens this time of year. Its so well done. I was given another angel like this and I think they are too gorgeous.

This Maori ornament just took my eye as totallu unique. It is from the same fair as the angel and I love it. Infact I might buy another for a good firend whoes into tree decs like me. Someone did say to me that i could make it quite easily given the fact that i make lots of decs plus I do a lot of wooden peg dolls, but maybe next year/
So thats all Ill leave now, try to recover my lost photo and post once more!!!!
Cheers from Cherry

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