Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Organic Apricot jam

..well ALMOST organic. Im

very excited about this very first batch of Jam. Not just because it is the first seasonal batch of anything this summer but because our neighbours apricot tree that overhangs our fence has been quite barren for two yers and i have never in the six years here had enough apricots to do anything with other than nibble. SO! Some of the apricots were a bit short of ripe but my daughters friends mother who is a food technologist, brewer and winemaker told me that under ripe fruit release pectin that is missing in ripe friut so that should ensure a good set. I never knew! Tomorrow i might buy some roadside apricots and preserve some apricots. My preserving MOJo has hit a high note now and Im so happy to be productive again!

have a happy preservative day


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QuiltedSimple said...

How great that you got some off the tree! And how yummy that looks!