Saturday, December 27, 2008

My first post christmas post..

We had a great Christmas spent with gorgeous hubbys family out in the wilds of Waipukarau farmland. Gorgeous heaven on earth farm.. We all enjoyed

sumptous plates of lamb, turkey ham and all the greens you can think of, followed by pavlovas(mine) the biggest Christmas pudding youve ever seen, trifle, strawberries...hmm I think thats all!!

Of course no Kiwi Christmas is complete without a walk to the river and a game of cricket to work off the food.

Sadly I am taking down carefully and methodically and wrapping up my decorations. (i want to find them easily next year!!)

Not so sadly I am in the throes of making two patchwork Christmas trees I saw over the festive season. My post Christmas decoration making is always strong at this time of the year!! I have to go with it until it passes!

Very very hot weather we are having here. Weve been eating juicy strawberries and the last of the apricots before the birds scoff them. Its a great time of year.

We have two holidays planned. Both camping by different beaches. One at Mahia because the dolphon Moko is there. The girls have heard all about how their grandfather swum with Opo the dolphin when he was a boy and now they will get the chance with Moko. Gorgeous hubby has already had the pleasure of his company with his Job. Lucky!!

The other camping trip we have planned is to Arapauanui beach. Great spot. I cannot wait!! Although we have yet to book for either, Betterget a hurry on!

I hop Santa made a fortuitous visit to you and yours. I am certainly enjoying catching up on my favourite bloggy Christmases.

Love from the sunny Hawkes Bay'


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Kristie said...

Sure sounds like you all had a wonderful time! Your kids are just so cute!