Sunday, December 14, 2008

Too Busy to blog..

Im such a boring old unreliable blogger I know, but life seems to have been going at full pace lately. Not that im caught up . Oh No!! As I type I have a house that after the weekend looks as if a mini hurricane, a team of drunken sailors and a girly sleepover have all taken place. Im not sure where to start really. The tree needs watering as do my few indoor plants, my two outdoor yuccas inpots and every surface needs a good wipe.
Christmas is approaching and although I have done most of the shopping and most of the handmade goodies these are also by no means finished. I really want to get a handle on things before the school holidays start at midday on Thursday. (no hope there!!)
Also thanks to the myriad of christmas related finances i am feeling very short of cash. Im always too scared to see just how bad things are and tend to kust wait for the dreaded declined typo in the eftpos machine!! Scaredy cat i know!
SO I am giving myself a real kick and am following up some homemade recipes again. I am particularly keen to try the orange coconut cream cake from Rhondas must read blog youll find it here. Also I have crock pot recipe from another blog here. Mmm Morracan chicken sounds good. The added advantage is I can serve it up with rice and my kids will normally mop up anything so long as rice is the side dish!
A very lovely friend gave us their old juicer and I am looking forward to using this on the seasons apples after xmas as cidar. I really LOVED radars series on tvnz lately and if you did too and wanted his recipes then tune in to here keywords radar.
The weather has shifted a bit. We actually had a couple of drab and cold days and nights! made the lit up Chritmas tree that much more illuminated in the daytime. I try to have the lights on when I am am upstairs and I love the smell of the pine. It resonates of all the Christmases I can ever remember. I love our tree but I cant seem to take a photo that ever does it justice. Ill have to try again tonight. What good is a blog at Christmas if I cant post a decent tree photo?
I really must go put my ipod on to full throttle and make a start on this house. I have til lunchtime as the school is having a fun sports day after lunch.
Take care,
have a happy 9 days to go Christmas
Love Cherry


QuiltedSimple said...

Isn't that how life goes at this moment? Full speed ahead? I'm just waiting for the week after Christmas when everything will be DONE! Love the tree - very pretty!

hitch writer said...

lovely tree !! here comes christmas...