Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thats the ballet recital over with!

Saturday afternoon and Saturday night saw the Ballet recital in full swing. After many weeks of rehearsals the shows were as entertaining and proffessional as we have come to expect. We love our ballet teacher!! Alexandra was a little star and looked too gorgeous for words. She was keen and well mannered and no tears or tantrums (a feature of the little ones ballet class!) were in evidence. But then she has always been fantastic at the ballet.

I was the backstage Mum - something I am very good at now and had been through the last week of rehearsals so I was so glad to just watch the show on Saturday night. Alexs class went on to the song of "Edelweiss" and the sight of these gorgeous little girls, dressed as white flowers and with their big eyes and looks of fear/ happiness and or shyness had the crowd aaahing. I shall quite miss when Alex is too old for the littlies group as they really steal the show every year. Ballet starts again in two weeks and Alex is going up a class.

Now that the ballet is over with I have a week to organise the Halloween/Guy Fawkes BBQ/party. A week should be long enough...right? The gorgeous hubby filled up our pool and the girls immediately went for a swim in the freezing cold water. Frozen they may have been but they stayed in for ages ! Every year there is some problem or other with the pool. It is concrete and old (about thirty odd years old) and maintenance is an isue. Every year the problems seem to centre around leaking and no change so far this year. Gorgeous hubby goes on and on about this and threatens to turn the area into a vege garden and it becomes his "main thing to focus on". Already he has started... Its only been full two days... He keeps looking down into the pool area saying "Its leaking" "look its still leaking" and then first thing in the morning (the pool is next to our bedroom) "its been leaking over night" I finally lost it. Loving the gorgeous hubby and falling for his many charms every day, acknowledging he is the best looking man in the world and knowing he is kind, sweet, generous and domesticated still does not stop me from finding this everlasting moaning at the pool irratating. So i said to him in words that may or may not have included swearing said "Stop ?"*8& going on about the pool I have had &&&*%$ enough of it already" I was not in the good books. Hes still gorgeous (!) And the pool is still leaking. I know Ive just looked out the window....

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Kiwimum-goingfrugal said...

Hello great blog.
Neat photo's, brings back memories of my ballet time (so long ago).
Take care
(still have a little girl awake, or I would write more)