Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October, Halloween, crafting and ballet recitals

Its spring in our tiny corner of this tiny country and it is beautiful...and HOT!! 21degrees today and windy and humid. Very late October "labour weekend" weather everyone is mumbling. But call me weird I love the wind. The clothes on the line drying and smelling gorgeous, blossoms flying through the air. And talking of blossoms is it just me or are these gorgeous little charms more beautiful than ever. The pinks seem so soft and candy floss like this year. Perhaps its just age creeping up on me and making me realise the beauty in nature.
Its the last term of School, and the girls have gone back to their small country School. Little Alex, just five is finding school a breeze and is so happy and settled there. Georgia at 7 is so confident and reading so well now. -Sigh-Where DID my babies go?
I recently joined a fantastic online site called Simple savings and it has catapaulted me from wanna be frugalist to absolute frugalist. At last my simple life becomes clear. I joined so that I could take the first steps towards our small farm that I want us to be on in a year, but I love the self sufficient lifestyle and simple living. I was born and bred on a farm and its how I was bought up anyway did I manage to lose that way of life I wonder?
Quilting takes up my spare time (Actually I have to set my goals before I sit down to quilt otherwise the house stays dirty). Quilting while watching my favourite Dr Phil from 1pm to 2pm seems like leisure to me.
I also have finished another UFO, a doll from Maryannes Dolls and things patterns that has been in the cupboard for a while but was bugging me. So out it came. Now if I can just figure out how to get photos on this site I will post pics of my crafts.
The quilt i am doing is a frugal project made up from an old Seasame street flannette sheet both the girls have used and abused for seven years but it onlu had a wee hole in the middle. Far too good for rags so I have been very frugal and made it inot a quilt with cheap matching flannel for the sashings. I seem to be hopeless at the whole samwhich thing and so I am cheating by using quilted calico. I really enjoy handstitching and hand quilting and so far have managed to do the whole quilt by hand. I cnnot these days bearto watch tv without a quilt, doll, patchwork or knitted something to work on. Just CANNOT bear it. "Why be sitting when you could be knitting" as the saying goes.
I also began making my own soap. I have a castille, basic and lavender soap curing in the cupboard and have come to a respectable agreement with caustic soda. I told my family that they are all getting soap for Christmas this year but they have areal issue with the caustic soda no matter what I say.
October is so busy for our family. Ballet recitals and several dress rehearsals, Halloween (our first ever Halloween party) and Guy Fawkes party be held very beginning of November but all the preparation is October, and my 41st birthday (Affirmation: i enjoy getting older, I enjoy getting older..)
Gorgeous hubby started to clean out the pool today, must have been the hot weather and upcoming parties. And I cleaned out fire place for the last time so summer must really be around the corner.
I l0ve enjoying the seasons and the various celebrations of the year. it gives such substance to the year instead of arriving at New years eve and saying "Where did the year go?"
Christmas is the BIG event I just love. Straight after the Halloween/Guy Fawkes party I will begin to decorate and prepare, BUT more about that next month..

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