Monday, October 22, 2007

Simple things by Georgia aged just 7

This was written by my eldest daughter, Georgia aged 7. She wrote this by herself about what she will do once we are living on the farm. I find this so lovely and wanted to share it . It is such a gorgeous thought in my head now. My daughter doing the following:

"The farm in my head"

In my head I am thinking about the farm. Just me and the noise of my pony. What would it be like at the start of my new life? I would be riding at a school of beautiful ponies, only just hearing the breeze just like my old life only better. Me and Alex at the farm just beginning a new life at my farm. Life at my farm with my family enjoying the life of all the creatures that we heard calling to us, only to have fun. having fun at the farm it was like me and Alex were going through prickles. The cats were running free in the paddock. If only I had that stuff happening to me right now.

I want to be sitting under a shady tree ona hot day with my pony in the paddock with me reading my stories.

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