Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some of my creations so far..

I thought being new to this blogging thing that I should post some of my work. i go through phases, dolls, prim, stitcheries and always back to quilts and patchwork. Right now Id like to have a go at making patchwork totes and I would also like to sew some clothes for my girls, but havent really done sewing like this since i was 15 and even then I wasnt pretty munted.
Now I am working on what to do with three years worth of scraps and lengths of Christmas material bought post christmas sale. The first thing I am doing is to make Criss cross coasters as seen on a http//
The wind is blowing and my little Alex has had a fever on and off for the entire labour/Hawkes Bay anniversary four day break. Last night, due to the wind (that she is scared of) she climbed into our bed. It was like sleeping with a washing machine!! We were black and blue this morning. I LOVE lying in bed listening to the wind and the rain but not like this!!
This week brings many long ballet recital practises and for some of them I will be backstage.The theatre is about half an hours drive from here and I expect to be very busy and when Im hanging around waiting I will take along my Seasame street quilt, which I am now hand quilting. I am really keen to finish this! But am dying to start something new. maybe my jeans and plaid quilt that I intend to make from charity shop clothes. Ill try to get Halloween over with first!

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