Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dyslexia. Any knowledgable Mums out there??

My youngest daughter has had speech trouble now for all her short life. I have hounded doctors, paeds, Plunket nurses, special education centres and have had her on Speech help. But there was more. When she was about a year old, I worried about Autism although that didnt seem to fit and the Doctors fobbed me off with talk of every child beoing different , milestones coming later etc etc, but a mother KNOWS. The fact that she doesnt remeber her ABC or her numbers, cannot rhyme, cant rember nursery rhymes and couldnt skip or pedal her bike until recently seemed neither here or there for the experts. And now she is in School and my bright intelligent girl is writing everything backwards, still talking in her own back to front quirky little way and her speech is hard to understand. It all came to a head a few weeks back when a fellow swimmer in her swimming class(She is an ace swimmer by the way) asked if she was deaf and when I said no she asked why she spoke like a deaf person. I chnged the subject..I couldnt think of a reply. Then at ballet another little girl innocently asked me why she spoke diiferently. Poor Alex clutched on to my hand and looked down at the ground and I stammered and stuttered and the best I could come up with was "She just talks a bit different thats all" But seeing my gorgeous daughter look downward and feeling her pain I cried through most of the recital that evening. I vowed that we were going to get more speech help and then after Alex said something really profound and enormously intelligent for one who can neither recognise words and numbers I told my husband there was a genius locked in there, and he said "What about Dyslexia"? Now neither of us know about Dslyxia and I was on the computer in two seconds flat because I had NEVER thought of this. I was in web page for pre school and school aged children and there was a long extended checklist of symptoms, Out of this long list i had ticked them all bar one. I was astounded and actually thrilled. Finally I have something to know about, something that will help my darling girl. I spoke to her teacher who had similar concerns and she agreed that it could well be this but that it was early days. I dont need a expert to tell me but I am full throttle into the various options we have now. I would love to hear from other Mums with Dyslexic children, especially if they are young like mine or were concerned from an early age about their childs development.

In the meantime I have some reading to do. Look at what Im reading (above)
Gosh Ive gone on and on but I just had to get it off my chest. I see Dyslexia not as a problem but as a gift and now I truly feel (Finally, FINALLY!!!) like I understand my daughter! Her frusrations, her way of communication, her EVERYTHING.


Kiwimum-goingfrugal said...

First a big hug. Second good on you for being a caring supportive mum. I'm from a generation of Dyslexics. I know that there is more support out there now then when I first went to school. There's been alot of research done over the years.
Anyway if there is anything I can do, any questions. Just let me know.

Shropshire Girl said...

I could have written this about my youngest daughter!!!!! Keep persevering is all I can say. We are in the UK so I don't know what help there is in NZ, what I can say is that she is now 15 and about to take her exams in 2008. Tonight we went to a college open evening to discuss further education - something I never thought we would be doing! If there is any support or help I can offer just email me.