Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas tree hunt

Every end of November we travel down to the Christmas tree farm a few miles from here. Its a big tradition and the sort of thing we do as a family or not at all. So if we cant all get together until the very last moment then that happens and we just have to find the best trees left. Its always a hot daqy and there are arguements over the best tree and by the end everyone is tired and grumpy! The owner always gives lollipops at the end though!

This year Alex found a birdsnest in one of the trees (empty) as an extra surprise.

For anyone reading this in the cooler climes of Amercia or the UK its hot work decorating the tree and house this time of the year, but never fear their is always the .....

POOL!!! And it has been used several times already. We have become especially fond of outdoor BBqs by the pool and night.
This is Georgias contribution to the summer we are having so far:
we have been having the best time in summer with the pool . Oue dog has been very naughty
hoping in the pool.
When the whole family hoped in it was the start of fun. We have never had so much fun before in our wholel life but it was not hot in there .Alex and georgia kept riding on dads back. We went in it again today but this time we all didnt go in.

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