Saturday, November 3, 2007

The first great Annual halloween/Guy Fawkes/BBQ !!

Alexandra the Spider Witch. A bold idea for one who is TERRIFIED of spiders I thought!! The hat was from last year (Cost 2.00) and the dress was my flower girls dress from eight years ago. I sewed on the spiders (2.30) and dyed it all with black food colouring. Quite pleased with the result. Alexandra wore this the actual night of Halloween, but I dont want the girls to "trick or Treat" because mostly in NZ its offensive to lots of people, us kiwis not having beeen bought up with the tradition. We had the house dressed up however and children then made a bee line for our house. Honestly last year we had a couple but this year we ran out of lollies. Alex was actually going up the street towards the children she was so keen.!! Next to her is Georgia the cutest cat on the street! (Boy those drama lessons have paid off....just look at that pose). I did say she is a natural on stage....

We had quite a crowd of children and parents on Saturady night and tons of food, lollies and a clean pool, which everyone stayed clear of as after a steaming hot day the evening turned cold for everyone but the host family, who just dont feel the cold!

I was so pleased with my Jack o lanterns. The first ever time I ever carved a pumpkin and they did look wonderful up there on the fence, above my skeleton (2.00 from Spotlight) with fireworks going off up around and beside them.

So this is the way we will be celebrating our Guy fawkes, halloween from now on. I think its a good way to combine the two and with the Amercian influence from tv all around us I think its going to be hard to keep the children away from wanting to celebrate in some way.

Now onward to Christmas!!! Our most favourite of all seasons and celebrations. Would you believe that today out came the decorations. Catch it all in my next blog!!

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