Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter bunny came early... Despite this embarressment of riches our children do know what Easter is all about. We always discuss this at Easter and watch the films. There was a good one on Good Friday although it was quite amusing that the BC made it and all the characters had heavy cockney and yorkshire accents. !!

Well my computer is really playing up. I have completely lost all email capacity and havent fixed it as I cannot be bothered speaking to someone in Indonesia for an hour to fix it! Also the computer itself must be full of viruss it turns itself off!! And throws me off facebook and some other sites. It does what it likes and I think its time i called dial a geek!
These holidays I plan to spend lots of days cleaning up and sprucing the winter garden and spending time with my children and my chooks. Oh and do some quilting BLISS!
I havent been well today and have slept the day away. I must go now Coastwatch is almost on and the GHIU normally gets some screen play each season. Ah the new world of the reality tv star!!
Happy Easter to everyone
Love Cherry

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