Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Makin' cider

or cider vinegar....

Im not sure how this effort will pan out. we are making apple cider using just the apples own natural fermentation, no yeast, no sugar...maybe a bit of honey at a later stage.
this was a whole days effort. First we spent a few hours picking the apples from my Aunties orchard (The windfall apples), then we bought them home and cut and juiced and cut and juiced and strained and restrained and six hours later we were fed up and had twenty litres of apple juice in the vat. There are so many differing opinions on making cider. I am a it concerned that y only making up 20 litres in a 30 litre container that I have condemned it all to cider vinegar..which i can and do use but...

The GHIU is fourty yesterday. i wanted a big party etc, but he left for a week on a operation for his work..and he couldnt be happier!! he hates attention.Which was why it was so funny to see him on the first episode of Coastwatch. I was so busy watching him watching himself that I practically missed the episode!!

The wind is picking up and the mornings are getting colder. Winter is definately on its way. We have covered up the pool which is always the sign of the end of the season . Im looking forward to doing a lot of quilting inside by the fire.... I have four to do.
I have all but finished my raggy quilt..just need to finish edges. It has been so warm with the polar fleece sign over me as I have finished it off. GHIU says it needs to be bigger, ut its only meant as a throw..and besides Im SICK of it now and want to get back to ordinary piecing!
Ill post photos next time.
Ive also been preserving mint jelly..first time I hope it lasts in the bottles. We had some that didnt seal the other night it was delicious. very unusual recipe using lime jelly, wine and venegar amongst others.

happy preserving
Love Cherry

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