Friday, April 23, 2010


So in the theme of The Good Life" I pulled out a whole lot of pittos and hebes and now this area will be for the fruits. Currently it has a small rosemary plant, an orange tree , a b oysenberry and a bay tree. The aerea has been liberally covered in horse manure because essentially previous to this there were lots of stones and a it of dry eaarth. it looks like nothing at the moment but this place is a work in motion!
Then there is this that the GHIU made for the veges. In the middle is the swing (for the beans to gfrow on). This swing for a long time redundant now seems to be popular again (typical!) ut too bad it is now in the middle of the vege garden and soon the garden will be filled up with compost and soil. Awaiting spring..
And here is my 18month old battery hen "McScrunchie" In just three days she has cheered up immensely and her comb and wattle have even brightened. She is separted now from the others (vicious hoods!) in the day hours. I have packed a lot of reading on caring for ex batts on the net and raced out this morning to buy some mash for her. Which she ate with much alacrity. She loves worms and can spot a worm from a mile away that has been thrown at her. GHIU spent the day with her yesterday digging above vege garden and so she had a lot of worms sent her way. It is WONDERFUL and HEART warming to see her coming out of her shell (Boom Boom) . She now spends time stretching out her wings and flapping them about. She has begun to dust bath in small increments (thou not in the soft dirt part of the garden ). And she has gone from a few tentative little maybe scratchings at the earth to quite a rigourous scratch aroudn this afternoon!!. Honestly she is developing all those instinctive things with just a few days. I mean lock a person up like that for 18 months in those conditions and theyd need extensive pychotherapy and some time in a straight jacket! I would love to adopt more but cant do that until we have more land to work with. She hasnt laid yet, but I dont expect her to..she needs a good REST! This afternoon i alsocaught her twice charging away the chickens that were going for her mash. Hopefully this is the beginnings of the end of her subsurviance towards those other bully chooks of mine!
And talking about those brown horrors, there is nothing funnier than watching them devour their porridge. Porridge goes everywhaere, in the air, over each other and all over their faces. truly a delight from the sim,ple things at the simple life.
happy simple living
love Cherry