Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life on the farm..

If your skeamish dont look at the photo below. This is the result of the big friendly labrodor getting out of his kennel and going to meet a cross bred pit bull mongrel for a happy chat. This hole was only one of the three big wounds and several little ones that were deep into the muscle and which we thought were mere shallow puncture wounds until 12 hours later when they became really infected. Then after bathing and oidining them we finally took him to the vet (CHA CHING!!) and he was close to developing gangrene and dying. OOPS! Poor Sam. Ive been so good not letting him near our park afte a misadventure that swa him, hit by a car off the park (no injury) and then after meeting an elderly man with a dog in the park who said he knew our dog well and then let on he lived several blocks away. I walk him a couple of miles every night now in a semi rural area, but I guess the pull of the park was too strong. So much for the new bylaws prohibiting dogs on leashes only in the park!  Oh well His first vet incident in the five years weve had him..

(this was after the vet visit..he was still heavily drugged).

Told you I was sewing a raggy quilt..Im running out of jeans!

The view from the back.. Meekhoef the cat is the complimentary extra..Out of all the cats she is the one most likely to be found sleeping on half made quilts, pins and props do not deter her.
Can I just say(and I know Ill regret this in a month or so) that I am over summer. I am over the heat. It got a bit chilly there for a while and it was nice.  Now in the last few days it has een hot and a it muggy and really it should be siesta time in the day because at night it seemes suitable again to work. try keeping the flies off of those wounds(above)!!
Like i said Ill regret saying that soon enough. I find these funny days a bit blar sometimes. The excitement of early summer crops has passed, the garden is however dry and a it barren looking, the pool is a bit sluggie and algaeish, because the days are a bit colder and so noone bothers too much with it. And its still too warm to curl up and quilt (but I do..just not in great cosiness).
Its Sunday night now and I do have school tomorrow, so Ill sign off for now,
happy Autumnal musings and great safety to you and your pets1
Love Cherry