Saturday, July 18, 2009

Windy weather

Wow last night the place was so windy i thought we were going to loose the house. it was actually quite scary and woke us all up. i feared for my new spinach and strawberry seedlings i planted but consoled myself that the first 24 hours of their newly sewn life were in mild and light rainy conditions. (I checked this morning and they seem fine) I was calming little Alex down y telling her that we were safe inside the house whilst the wee birds outside were probably getting blown out of their nest s and sure enough after the wind had died down some and we were all settling back I was awoken b y the sound of a bird call cut short by the crunching of little bird bones..not something I enjoy hearing at any time.
Georgias early toddler album fell to bits prompting me to start scrapping the pages. i got this wonderful thick tome from the library and copied a lot of layouts from there (im unable to come up with ideas on my own!). This book showed layouts using quilting templates -WOW- Id never thought of that and this pinwheel one shows how you can use lots of photos up in this way.For my next trick tumbling blocks and dresdon circle!!

And here at last the completed quilt for Alexs room TA DA!! It was worth my munted bleeding fingers in the end, and I felt a relief off my shoulders when done. I love sewing so much but sometimes its not fun when other projects need finishing and you have plans rolling around in your head for others in your head (Im sure im crafty ADAH) Anyway despite all the plans and the urgent finishings (The quilt a day sashing and the mystery quilt of the month blocks) the thing we are doing today is prep for tomorrow. For tomorrow is back to school. After late nights and sleep ins Im not sure how tomorow morning will go!! And the mess from two weeks is phenomonel!

Anyway duty to housewifery calls so ill sign off for now,
Happy scrappin' or quiltin" wherever you are
Love Cherry

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Beth Dargis said...

What a lovely quilt!