Monday, July 27, 2009

Patching away happily...

Lately Ive been preoccupied doing this mystery block month for the Christmas Mystery quilt over at Susan claires. For some reason I had no end of problems with what should have been a easy lock. Everything went wrong..including the cutting too small of about a million rectangles. (Measure twice, cut once, measure twice, cut once. I.MUST.REMEMBER.THIS.MANTRA). Anyway thank goodness withonly days to go efore this lock dissappears from where I can down load it free, it is done. Which means I can now proceed with sashing a plenty from crazy moms
block a day quilt-the first one although the second one is going along now if you want to join.
Today I went to the op shop and found two neat patchwork books and a hexagon pieced needle cushion. It is my bargin for the week at 50 cents! I am woefully short of pin cushions. I was given my first one earlier this year and this is my second!!
Another magazine find from a secondhand bookstore earlier this week has given me a passion for making a scrap quilt from postage stamp pieces. I am furiously cutting up two inch squares for a future project. I debating whether to use light blue and black hourglass blocks that brings it all together ala Amish style.
On the garden front I have been busy planting strawberry plants around the place. I have been finding quite mingin but perfectly fine plants at the supermarket and with the whiff of spring in the wind have been spending more time pondering in the garden dreaming of planting . We had a huge frost this morning. it was very pretty and white but I did fear for my spinach plants. Oh well time will tell with these I spose.
Have a happy patchwork piecing day
Love Cherry

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QuiltedSimple said...

Pretty pincushion and block - funny, I never owned pincushions until this past 15 months - now I have about a half a dozen.