Monday, July 13, 2009

Schoo holidays and te papa

My blog has been poorly attended of late. its not that I havent got lots to blog about rather just an appalling effort to sit at the computer and do something. We are into the second week of the holidays. It is bliss except that I dont get paid! Actually its not such a biggie in the term holidays but over the six week Christmas holidays.... Im going to have to begin saving money in my account so that I have a stockpile over Xmas and i guess Im going to have to start NOW!
We stayed with friends in Wellington for a few days and visited Te Papa. Wow what an experience.It was so educational and such a lot to do. The kids were in heaven. They especially loved this old fashioned shop..
We also saw the collossal squid. Amazing. We spent the better part of a day there and still didnt see it all. The next day we went to the zoo. I think we all agreed the chimps were the most entertaining there was one who held out his hand and blew raspberries when he asked the keeper for fruit. I got loads of photos but they are on my non digital SLR.
After our term off activitiesIi am ready to charge up again into term three. Georgia has said she will happily resume singing lessons, but doesnt ant to go near piano..which means we have a baby grand upstairs gathering dust.. Alex will continue her swimming lessons and they both will be riding. Ive been busy buying riding boots and jodphers from trade me. Unfortunately the items havent been as well represented as in the photos and Im having to still do things, like sew up the jodphers and buy insoles for the crappy inners of the boots. Oh well you pays your money you takes your chances as my favourite old PM once said!
Last night over Brothers and sisters (Is Kitty really going to have an affair?!) I finished up Alexs quilt all except the binding. My fingers are absolutely munted just swollen bleeding cracked masses of painful skin. I couldnt seem to find my leather thimble and then when I did it was always on the wrong fingers or falling off. Anyway I put the blunt end the needle through my finger so many times that in the end they just cracked all by themselves as soon as it happened again. In a bizzarre way Im quite proud of my quilters fingers, its a sign of my hobby!!
Freezing cold weather here, rain and rain and blah. And all weve got is wet wood. And wet wood doesnt urn or it takes hours to do so leaving only the barest hint of warm in the room. Why oh why did i not sort out the wood situation in summer. (I think I ask this question every winter)
We have almost finished wallpapering Alexs room. But ran out of paper! It looks fantastic my GHIU is so clever and practical! I cant wait to get the quilt on the bed and post some pics!
Im going too catch up with some blogs now. Crazy mom quilts has finished her quilt a day project which I was following and Im keen to egin to put this quilt together..after binding and labelling Alexs quilt, and after finishing my mystery quilt locks for this month and after samwhiching my civil war quilt, THEN I can do the quilt a day!
happy quilting, Keep warm
Love Cherry