Friday, September 19, 2008

Halloween Quilt finished!!

Ready, set, bind!

After an all nighter(well til 12:00 midnight anyway) I had the binding on this sucker and was furiously handstitching in bed. Little sleepless Alex was beside me sewing her wee tapestry and it was a lovely quiet sewing mother daughter moment.

I even added a label (a rare thing for me) and thought I would be arty and sew over the writing, Im not sure just when it is that i forgot how to stitch over writing but the general effect is one of a spider with cotton tied around its leg trying to communicate...
Now i MUST start over on my Christmas tree skirt and I have my stars and stripes to quilt, plus my scrappy friendship stars, then I have been collecting (just a small collection of them ) reproduction fat quarters and today I bought a small amount of grey. With this I am going to start a pyramid quilt that hupefully will take on the effect of something from the 1800s. I am so keen to start this project and have my template ready. I alweays start so keenly on these projects but find them a pain to complete only because the next project starts to excite me so much!! I guess we quilters must all be like that or we wouldnt have such things as UFOs..
have a great evening


Kristie said...

Such a beautiful quilt!!! Love the Fall colors! Doesn't it feel wonderful to finish something! Seems like it has been a long time since I actually finished something completely.

Leanne said...

Ahh finishing something - now that is HARD GRIN!

Well done. It looks brilliant!

Love Leanne (Ps I am now at blogspot)