Sunday, September 14, 2008

And then it was spring...

Hello little Rocket seedling. Not to happy yet? Soon have that fixed, just put you to bed in my mini glasshouse for a week or so. Soon when I have weeded elsewhere your rocket brothers and silcerbeet seedlings will join you..

Is it just me or has winter gone way too fast.. Perhaps I spent too long looking at American winter blogs and subconciously believe it can only be winter when there is heavy snowfall and blizzards..but it does seem like only a month ago we were putting the pools winter nightie on and lighting our first fire..
Still I am almost finished hand quilted my Halloween quilt and dream of the day it is hanging up and I have rediscovered my mojo for my christmas tree skirt and actually made a start by cutting the skirt , the backing and thinking about the rest!
Gorgeous , glorious day today and yesterday. Just perfick (as in The darling Buds of may..the latest play Georgia is starring in)
Have a great day and enjoy whatever season you are in as you read this, you global lot, you.
Remember yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but today is a gift and that is why is called The Present. (seen on a loo wall somewhere near the Tane mahuta Giant tree, Far North)


joolzmac said...

Hello Cherry,

Just happened by your blog while reading Down to Earth. I love finding a new blog in a new country each day so I have put you in my favourites. You're my first NZ blog. Love your table runner, would like to see the finished product and I do like the colours.

I see you scrapbook - I would love to do more but I work most days in our business so I don't really get the time. I have done a bit but just lack to the time.

Have a lovely spring,

Cheers - Julie

Kristie said...

Hello, I tried to respond to your comment on my blog but I wasn't able to, sorry,

Thanks for the nice comment! The bluejean quilt is one of my favorites! I made this quilt using old jeans from all of us. I think I cut 6 inch squares or something like that. I did put a thin batting and a flannel backing. The quilt is very heavy but wonderful to use during the Winter. I tied it because it was just too thick to quilt. I know this is a very simple quilt but it is truly one of my favorites. I have plans to make another one someday. Oh, one little hint.... use a VERY short stitch because the blue jean fabric tends to ravel.
Thanks for the visit and please let me know how your bluejean quilt comes along. And I love reading your blog, I don't always get to comment but I do enjoy reading it.