Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Anyone got a spare longarm quilter they dont want...

Because I am sick of hand quilting this table runner... I would love to be able to send all my projects off to the quilter but the frugalist in me wont let that happen. So I hand quilt but dont tell the Quilt Police I do the illegal and scorned upon stab stitching method. The results are to the right and the underneath just looks dreadful on all my quilts. However when i try to do the correct method my stitches are miles apart as in the photo of the flying geese blocks (If you can see).

So Im really trying to get back to being super frugal because frankly Ive been buying STUFF and treats and stopping off at the bakery (etc). But today I just had to (for all sorts of reasons I could justify at the time but cant think of now) buy this issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. My new favourite magazine.
Upon reading it I discovered two more quilts that will be in my 2009 scrappy quilt from my stash quilt collection year..

am also in look officialyy with reproduction 1800 fabrics and am trying to find appropriate scrappy quilt patterns that will look good. Scrappy because I want to make these quilts look vintage, as if Ive found them in a attic somewhere.

This quilt below is very similar to the pyramids qiult I have planned to do with repro fabrics and grey light blocks. I just have to find more grey and more repro fabrics. And my favourite quilt store here in the Hawkes bay is having a quilt fair on labour weekend (october) so Im planning on having a bit of a buy there.
The most frugal thing I did today was to squeeze heaps of lemons from my Mums overburdoned lemontree and use the juice in ice trays and make lemon cordial using a recipe from Rhondas down to earth site (see on side bar). I want to freeze heaps more. lemon juice is so easy to freeze and make the gorgeous muffins. Maybe Ill make some take some pics and post them on here with the recipe.
Before I go I have to say that I love this spring season so much ...all the fresh fruits and produce, the looking forward to bottling (canning), juicing, freezing, stewing, pickling, drying and of course just eating the beautiful fresh goodness. Currently we are enjoying mandarins and oranges..mmmm
Have a great day


Leanne said...

Hand quilting - wow!!! I too would love a long arm - dreams are free. Best I do is on old Bessie Bernina & stitch in the ditch so far.

Mag looks nice! I will be strong.

Love Leanne

PS new address for your side bar is http://atthegoodlife.blogspot.com/ I think I will stay at blogspot

Judy said...

Greetings from another stab stitcher. I can stab stitch all day every day, If I do proper quilting I last an hour and can't do it again for days. Your back will improve with practice.

craftycherry said...

Hi Judy I tried to find your blog but couldnt so Ihope you read this. Im SOOOO pleased you a re a stab stitcher. I cannot tell you the fear i had that I was the only one. Also that my back will improve with practise (waahoo)
Luv Cherry