Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cats, quilts and school holidays

After a late frost last night in which I stayed awake listening to the windmills and helicopters keeping safe the surrounding vineyards and orchards whilst all the time thinking I shoulnt forget my fear of the nighttime boogie monster and go out and cover my wee salad plants, we awoke to a white but bright sunny morning. Today is the first official day of the school holidays, so two weeks with my beauties. The girls were playing outside on their scooters and wanted me to come out with them. So I set out a chair and sat in the sun quilting my table runner (Im close to completion this space), BLISS...
Then I thought about this blog and thought I should include our furry babies:

This is Sara. She is Georgias cat and her hobbies include hunting the fattest pigeons she can find and eating them. She is sleek and weighs nothing at all, not like her sister Denzies (below). Sara loves sleeping under the sheets and bites your feet. She also like being a towell as yoiu come out of the shower.

Meekhoef.. She is our resident tortie who came to us at a year old. She isnt terribly cuddly but lloves to flirt with tradesmen and comlpete strangers. She also enjoys the vacuum and fireworks, which I think youll agree make s her quite a unique cat. We always have at least one tortie inour collection, infact since 1991!!

And onto Denzie. She is Saras sisiter is two and belongs to Alex. She is extremely fat and black and likes to play the piano and knock things off with her wide heavy table. When on the bed at night (She is an on the bedquilt not under cat) She takes all the quilt under her complete bulk and it so heavy to lift it back that we usually end up quiltless and cold by the morning! She has a huge meowsome personality.
We love all our cats and it would be a cat-tastrpy if something were to happen to them!

Here are the girls playing out the front. And here is what the post bought me, via Trade me, were I have been naughty lately. But YUMMMM. Reading out in the sun, dreaming of future quilts, my girls, giglling with laughter, did I already mention the word Bliss?/
Have a great spring day

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