Friday, December 18, 2009

Seven days til Christmas...

My first ever Xmas quilt present cunningly wrapped back side up andtied with swome of the faric..the label is there to instead of a Christmas label.

See! There is only seven days...

My letter published to NZ gardener this month resulted in this small spruce that I shall be decorating with decs each Xmas...Hmm too many baubles??

Santa abseiling up the side of the house. i bought him in perfect condition from the Cranford Hospice op Shop but didnt want to put him out too early fior fear of sun fading. However its NZ its summer and its going to happen anyway!

We have presents piling up under the tree and in this very old wood box..a relic from my well as under the tree. These are the pressies for our friends and family mostly. I made the elf stockings four or so years ago . I still like them but if i was to do it again I would definately prim them up. I LLOOVVEE primitive ut can only get away with so much here , so i subtly ut gradually introduce it around the place when huy doesnt notice. (Hubby is a modern minimalist kind of guy at heart!)

School has finished and sleep ins and late nights are the order of the day!!Yah! I have finished my quilt for a friend..the first ever ive made for a Christmas present. I have bought for asoultely everyone except the kitten who I know Georgia will be begging me to buy a mouse or two toys for his stocking (He hasnt actually got a stocking yet! There are so many projects i want to finish up before Christmas so i may have to use something else for the small ginga monster!
It has turned very hot again today. GHIU went diving yesterday but the crays were too small just free diving and so he bought home some paua instead. He monces this and makes a delicious paua fritter. Good Kaimoana from out to all..just dont rape the seabeds!

I got such a fright today I opened up my stored Xmas cake and pudding and they both had small traces of mould happening!! EEEkk I cut it off and now have stored the pudding in the freezer and the cake has had its nutty topping put on and Im just hoping for the was a very moist cake (still is).
Tonight we are going to the Opera Houise to watch a freee show. Amahl and the The Wisemen. The opera house is having a lot of these free events, but this is the first one weve managed to see. They also have a Christmas tree grotto with all proceeds towards the Cranford hospice (One of most favourite charities) but I have to say the trees which were decorated y local businesses werent very impressive (Or stink as my students would say!)
I am so enjoying looking at all the Christmas blogs but it takes forever for pictures to load on dial up so Im looking forward to this time next year when i hope we will be having broadband! It is soo soo hot here and when i look at the blogs in America with the snow and flurries it actually cools me down.
I experience oth cold and hot Christmases and they both appeal. I guess I would have to love hot ones because it involves all my young memories and the sunmmer traditions that go with it. Strawberries, pavlova, Mum spraying pinecones and toi toi for the Christmas decorations. Swimming, sunburn and School holidays. The again when i lived in London my most favourite Christmas memory is buying roasting chestnuts outside of a ig London shop in the middle of a crowded London street, with snow flurrying around me. Post card stuff!!!
have a happpy run up to Christmas wherever you are.
love Cherry

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