Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas sewing..still!

As predicted I am still in the Christmas sewing frenzy and buoyed on by the excitement of a Christmas gone all to quickly I am still living it posthumously so to speak. The santa doorstop was one of three unfinshed ones given to me by a good friend who hadnt finished them. I just love the style and have now completed two of them although I m sure they are a bit distant from the original pattern..which I dont have. The three cushions i sewed up from my favourite quilting book of Cheri Safiotes that i get out every year around this time. Im pleased with the way they turned out especially the snowman. Im now working on her designs for next Christmas....

We absolutely forgo any boxing day sales each year instead we go out to Waimarama beach. I got horribly sunburnt. I thought Id be safe partially covered up by something I was sewing(!) but no my legs were lobster styled by that night. Will i never learn. i hang aroudn with this family who NEVER get sunurnt so Im getting forgetful of the sun and its damage! However I left the next morning to go to the Spotlight sale with my gift voucher from GHIU (He also gave me a one to the quilting shop...I was SOOO happy!). I planned on buying some cut price scrapping papers and some panels for Christmas Id been after. I managed to do both but sadly used more than i intended!! Not helped by taking my spenda holic daughter Alex with me! Anyway I bought a apron panel and have prettied it up with lace and bells and stars. (probably cant see it in the photo!) Its intended as an over the top job for the recipient. I have also bought a apron panel in another style as yet uncut. The place mats I have almost finished all bar the binding. All the panels were half price..9$ each. If they are still around when they raise the discount on these I may buy some more. I have used up all my spare wadding bits and pieces on the table mats..And I have hand sewn everything as my machine was having its yearly clean and service...I have enjoyed it while I was doing it but I am more than eady to return to my machine now!

Just before Christmas I found this great site for great free sewing tutorials and I will be following this very carefully for more next Christmas season gift goodies. I have bought two sets of three Christmas teatowels (75% off!) to make the teatowell aprons. Now all I need is to actually make them!! This is on top of the new pattern I just bought to make a Christmas quilt for my good friend after the quilt I made her this year went down so well!! The thing is I know this Christmas everything sewing phase will pass me buy and i'll be back to selfishly sewing for myself again!

Christmas day was just fantastic. We had a few moments with poor old Mum_ her altziemers id sometimes more severe than the moderate amount it is mostly, but all in all I enjoyed having her for the day. I took lots of photos on my undigital SLR because I love the quality and am sick of the blurry photos my small digital gives me! If I could afford it id bu y a digital SLR but priorities are priorities!

Im gradually putting down the decorations. I couldnt bear to ring them all down at once. Too depressing an end to my favourite season!

We are asking around for any farmers who might be able to sell off some land to us reasonably. We feel quite possitive about this. We want to put an old home on the land and surprisingly we are feeling quite positive about this all turning out!! Sort of in the same way I felt in my gut when i envisioned getting a job as a teachers aide, despite the job situation, no experience etc. I hope Im right!! Certainly this is probaly the only way we will be ale to afford our country idyll.

Right now Im attempting to clean up the house. Christmas in summer always means food going off fast and this time it was someone who put a lamb shank under something in the kitchen, Once I identified the smell I threw it out, but yuk the rot and the maggots! I should have just followed the flies in the kitchen instead of zapping them!

A happy hot day to you in your corner of the world (even if it is inside infront of the fire!)

Love Cherry

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