Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas presents

Wow..not many days to go is there.I wish I had all the hours in the world to work on my gifts ond read all the lovely blogs around. I love

Christmas so much..and Im so tired. The reason for that is staying up late every night to finish off various projects i have as gifts. First a lap Christmas quilt Im quilting for a dear friend. Im at the quilting stage and as Im hand quilting it, well its a panic as to wehter it will be ready byChristmas day. As a fellow quilter though Im sre she will understand if I just show her the unfinshed gift...

I also intercepted that with a break to make a small cushion from a favourite Cheri Safiote book from the lirary. Why i cant be in this sew something Christmas mood all year i dont know ecause it would sure help me at this time of year when I need to concentrate on other things!

I then stopped that to make two decoration cats. one for moi and one for a friend as a gift. These are quite quick to put together but still I was in bed at two this morning having mostly completed them..Is it any wonder the house is a bomb site!

After a very stressful shopping day with my Mum (in a wonkly wheelchair) in the 30 odd degree heat, in the crowded shops, with Mum barking out orders, getting stressed, upset and confused over her shopping. Watching people uy asolute rubish in their efforts to buy something for everyone, which Im sure most of will end up at some point in 2010 in the local landfill, i stopped y my magazine store and literally fell upon the latest edition of my most favourite maagazine "grass roots" I actually felt more sane just holding the copy and when i got home reading it. Article after article of making your own gifts, lving simply and stresslessly. GHunting gathering. Gently respecting paptuanuku (mother earth) Complete.Utter.Bliss.

Our garden continues to bless us. Lots of strawberries, peas (frozen for Xmas day) daily lettuce for tea. Apricots just coming into readiness and picked my me before the brds swarm in. My boysenberry bush fruiting even though it is in its original balck polythene bag awaiting the farm.

I go now to try and bring some order to this house. the school holidays are three days away! I MUST have everything in order by then. It is suicide on my sanity to take them up town at this time of year. I can not think of anything worse!

Im going to sit here with my cup of tea and my infernally slow computer and enjoy some blogs now.

Happy holidays to you


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SewCalGal said...

I love your cat angel. Inspirational. Thanks for sharing.