Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spring and other things

Yes i know Ive been a bad blogger but life has a way of taking up all spare time lately. What i have been doing is putting up my Halloween quilt in lieu of our annual halloween/ guy fawkes party in early november. I love this quilt...thanks Homespun magazine. ive also been planting peas for Christmas dinner and onions and piked my first ever harvest of spinach (which i boiled up with some silver beet and froze) Great to have that first little bit of success in the spring garden. Oh and my lemon tree that I bought two years ago has sprung its first ever lemon!!!! all about the simple things.

ive b een getting quite down on the whole living on the land thing and last night I happened upon a blog i dont read anywhere near as
often as i should. Its here and the post is at the end of August from the Frugal trenches writer. This lady shares my dream and like us that dream is financially not on the cards right now. BUT she is endeavouring to live the country life as much as she can while living in the city. Well it was an inspiring bit of writing and really cheered me up. I hope youll stop by and read her blog.
As for me Im going to be tearing up part of our back garden and planting a vege patch..which should make a change from finding vege plants all over the garden. I stopped buying flowes a while ago and now just buy plantes that will produce food, however room is at a premium. I think this will look good when we do sell as most people are into backyard planting. Now how can I fit a couple of chooks in with the dog???!!!
I need to go actually as said dog has escaped and is somewhere on the 2o acre park that backs on to our garden. Nor sure how he did this I think he must have made a dash through out open bedrooom door and then out the front way....little devil...
Happiness and light wherever you are. Oh the photo of the quilt is the crazy mom quilt along I want to finish....
love Cherry

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Leanne said...

Hay LOVE the quilt!!!

Brent just dug up a front garden for me for a new vege patch - we have land so space away from the house but with all the critters eating the garden - we would have to find $$ to fence/cage it - so next best solution dig up front yard - funny aye.