Monday, August 24, 2009

coughs colds and pneumonia

I havent blogged for a while and this is mainly because ive got no photos to feels odd not to post anything with a pic attached!
We had high drama here last week. First we all got the flu BAD then at 3.00 in the morning (everything around here happens at three oclock in the morning!) Georgia couldnt breathe properly and was admitted to the hospital and ended up staying with pneumonia!!! It really was a hellish week. We were all so sick and I was such a hopeless mother to have in hospital lying beside my sick daughter on a trundle bed feeling like death itself!! ut now I have finally recupperated, and the girls are all back at School and I even felt fit enough to go to pilates today and take part in jump jam at School.. (dancing to Bollywood music would you believe)

Spring feels so close and I planted snow peas yesterday. My spinach seedlings are up and looking healthy and I found four thrown away munted onions in the compost heap that had sprung roots and sprouts and so i dug a hole in some nice soil in the corner of the garden threw them in and now ill wait to see if anything comes of them. I love this time of year. That priomise of things to come in the garden.

On the quilting front Im quilting away on my mystery quilt and as usual through three quarters of the quilt I have had enough and want to get on with the next project...projects!!!!

Im very sore after pilates right now or maybe its the ollywood dancing...anyway Im off to get into a hot shower.

Happy sewing or quilting or gardening wherever you are
Love Cherry

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QuiltedSimple said...

So glad you are all feeling better!