Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Star struck mystery quilt top finished

So finally after (six months?) or so of mystery locks arriving in the e mail this was the last block. Four angel appliques.

ANd this was the finished top. It is unironed and lying on the floor, not tastefully drapped ovevr something rustic as I would like to do, but seriously I dout the niceness of my interpretation of the quilt. Next time i would more attention to the materials listed. The sides are wonky too so ovioulsy I would have to pay more attention to my piecing ! However the photo looks better than the real thing now that i look at it (Isnt it mean to be the other way around?) Anyway I will uy some wadding and I have some Christmas ish red fabric with stars for the back and as it isnt so ig to take around and quilt this will be a good project to take mobile with me on my many tooings and froings of the children and there activities. Infact tonight I took it to swimming to finish off handsewing the border. It was a pain and the lady next to me was knitting and it looked far easier to handle than my quilt with pins and scissors and needle and thread all over the place. Between us we looked like some kind of ladies craft circle, not Mums waiting for their childrens swimming lessons. ut honestly i feel lost without something crafty to do while waiting around.
I so look forward to others star struck quilts. let me know when youve finished yours!
happy sewing

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Leanne said...

You have done well. I like it~!