Thursday, September 17, 2009

A fun night out at Spotlight!!

I had an enjoyable night out at Spotlight. our local one here had a quilting night. We got to use some flash machines, make these little walhangings, got a bag of goodies and lots of chat to like minded people.
It was so funny because i am embracing massive frugily again as a way to get more positive aout the future in the country. And I only spent $5.00 in total. On this metre of country type material. It was on clearance and so were two other coordinating fabrics (used in the wallhangings), I felt OK spending $5.00 but not spending 10.00 or 20.00 dollars. As I was looking for this material i came across a whole lot of remnants cut up on the counter and I cheekily asked the manager if i could have them cheaply..there were a lot...he gave them to me!!!! I felt very lucky.
As we were using the machines i was amazed that that the thread threaded itself by pushing a lever. Then my friend said "Oh yours does that"!! How long have I had this machine?! I really must learn how to read manuals (Also where I put said Manual!)

This is the pile of remnants...doest look much in this photo but there is heaps!

My wallhanging/cushion cover/table top..

Whats up with all these photos!! Sometime computers can go mad


QuiltedSimple said...

This is so pretty! And I love your 9 patch - I need to finish mine:)

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

So adorable!